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M is a visual storyteller working in cinema, photography, and public art. She received her M.F.A. from CalArts in Film/Video. As an award-winning writer/director, her experience ranges across new media platforms, traditional media, technology, public art/civic engagement, and subject matters left-of-center. With a practice of autonomy first and platform second, her artwork is about community, space, and place. PALM TREES won the Adrienne Shelly Award for excellence in directing and aired on BET's “Lens on Talent”. SPACED and MOONLESS have screened around the world and are distributed by Flourishing Films.

INDIGO IMPACT was founded in 2016 with a mission to bring left-of-center stories and creators to global audiences as an Impact Producer. She worked for such titles as DREAMSTATES starring Saul Williams, Haiti’s first Oscar selection AYITI MON AMOUR, and JINN by Oakland native Nijla Mumin. She brings affordable music, literature, art, and performance to the Bay Area as a Co-Curator of the MATATU FESTIVAL. Currently, she sits on the Diversity Board of SF FILM and Advisory Board of Code Tenderloin, and SFWIFF. She continues a commitment to autonomous filmmaking by advocating for equality and equity for women in film, storytellers with lived experience, and underrepresented artists.

WIRED magazine called her a “filmmaker provocateur” bridging technology thinking with art-making. Futurism and technology feed her love for science fiction, surrealism, and fantasy. Feature projects in development KILL, TIME. and EVENTUALLY, EVERYTHING IS FINE, view sci-fi through a lo-fi lens. A CERTAIN GRACE continues her conversation with San Francisco in making the invisible -- seen. Currently, she is production on her first feature film ELEPHANT. She can be found in her hometown of San Francisco kicking around the fog. @mariaajudice

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